Cost Effective and Proactive Security Services across the UK.
Specialising in Door Supervisors, CCTV Controllers and Security Guards


At UK Security 247 we offer an extensive variety of new and proven security techniques and services. We endeavour to ensure we select the right personnel for your needs. Our proven security services and solutions are designed to be flexible. We make use of the very latest technology with high quality and efficient customer service but always aim to offer extremely competitive rates.

At UK Security 247 we know that every organisation as well as event is unique, and endeavour to plan the best protection you and your guests, staff, and customers require.

We endeavour to provide all our clients with a cost effective solution without compromising on the quality of service or protection. We endeavour to provide quality security solutions to a wide range of organisations and private companies throughout the UK.

Quality Performance and strong trading are some of the key factors which have helped us to become one of the top notch firms in the particular sector and our services are acknowledged by the giants in the industry.

Security, Loss and Risk are things we specialize in and we have got something better and different with a blend of creativity, enterprise and quality services. We fully comply with the standards and the regulations of the industry and our security personnel’s are best in the industry who are trained to handle and are prepared for any type of contingencies.

We provide services for all type of businesses over the United Kingdom and work keenly over our projects to deliver performance and the right value to your investment and we have got the state of art technology alongside the best experts in the field at our disposal to combat against any odds that might arise during an operation. Quality is imprinted on all the services and the satisfaction of our clients is the aim which we target at.

Entrust the personal safety of your firm’s property to a company who has got the requisite knowledge, expertise and have a dedicated and unwavering staff. With the kind of track records that we have, clients can stay at ease with a feeling that they are in safe hands.